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If you haven’t been to the IFW10 event, you might want to run there before it ends tonight. I happened to take a stroll there the other day and couldn’t leave a store called PurpleMoon. The dresses I saw were very well made and I knew a couple of those items were going to find their way into my inventory and then end up here on my blog. I was really inspired by the gowns. If you know me even in the slightest, you’d probably realize that I rarely wear long dresses or gowns. However, these were so beautiful that I got the artsy fartsy itch :)



Hair: FTN683 hair blonde – *booN
Skin: Dashing Blur Makeup – Tres Blah [it was a blur exclusive]
Gown & Hat: Lois in Teal – Purple Moon [IFW10]
Ring: Squarish Ring Dark – *SiSSi*
Liner: Vingue, eyeliner B – glow studio
Pose: 1922 – estetica

I have to admit, the Sunshine dress is what did it for me. My friends laugh ’cause I make myself follow the “look three times” rule. That means, if I go back to an item three times, I love it and need it. Yeah, I totally cheated and didn’t follow my own rule. Once I saw this dress, I knew this was what I wanted to blog. I couldn’t walk away! The hair happens to be from PurpleMoon as well and it is part of the store’s new hairstyle collection named, Kay.



Hair: Kay in Ebony (Runway Hair) – Purple Moon [IFW10]
Skin: Harsh Blur Makeup – Tres Blah [it was a blur exclusive]
Gown: Sunshine in Green & Brown – Purple Moon [IFW10]
Neck piece: Collar me up (tinted to match) – *SiSSi*
Hair accessory: June*pink green (modded & adjusted to fit)- WILDO
Liner: Vingue, eyeliner B – glow studio
Pose: This heat adds spunk – estetica




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Praise Limes, I am back!


I disappeared a few weeks back because I got pretty darn germy. I was sick and full of the blehs. Some personal matters came up again so my focus has been elsewhere. But! When I get nervous I usually put myself to do something to get distracted and right this minute seemed like the perfect time to blog. So here we go! I’ve had the Reek and Tiny Bird items in my inventory for awhile and now that my icky grossness is clearing up, I thought I should share the looks I came up with :)

Hair: Postcards from Italy, Dirty Blonde – Tiny Bird [new]
Skin: Hounds of Love, Tan, Katt – &Bean (main store currently unavailable)
Basic Cardigan: Black – SMS [new]
Top: Right Stripes Tee, Gray/Gray – Reek [new]
Bottom: Daft Trunks, Solid Turquoise – Reek [new]
Socks: Short Dot Sox – White & Black – .*FLUFFY*+. [1L]
Shoes: Simple Flats – *UB* [Thank you for the gift Neva <3]
Right Wrist: Tempted Bangles, Ghost – *Ticky Tacky* [new]
Necklace: Squarish Necklace, Dark – *SiSSi*
Pose: Gomen Nasai – estetica [new] (available at the black and blue fair)

Hair: Witch, Ink – !lamb
Skin: Hounds of love, Tan, Korp – &Bean (main store currently unavailable)
Dress: St Augustine, White – Tiny Bird [new]
Undershirt: Sinful Sweater, Yellow – Cynful
Socks: kneesocks, naturals-grey – SYSY’s
Shoes: Simple Flats – *UB*
Necklace: Mixtape Necklace – Cat Crap (Gilly Wycliffe)
Glasses: SG-78 Avori – Role Optic [new]
Pose: puzzled or quirked? – estetica [new] (available at the black and blue fair)


Switching directions. I ended up going to the Junwave sale Ashlee told me about and well, the hair I got went perfect with the new 5th and Oxford items so I had to match them up! I had to! And then, I saw the boots from Shiny Things and I threw them on like the true Texan that I am XD As seen in the picture above, I have the boots in Chestnut, Camel, and Liquorice but you can also find Cinnamon, Toast, and Oil in the store :)


Hair: Misa, H-Nuts – Junwave
Skin: Grace, Honey, Cherry Blossom – Atomic
Top: Seaside Sweetie Striped Halter, Cream – 5th & Oxford [new]
Undershirt: Basics Tube Bra, Maroon (part of MODERNYOUTH PK – Ohmai
Shorts: Seaside Sweetie, Robin Blue – 5th & Oxford [new]
Ginger Boots: Chestnut – Shiny Things [new]
Bandaid: Polka Dots (I heart Bandaid) – Reek
Bracelet: Part of Silver Cypher Jewelery Set – ((RIPE)) (New location opening soon!)
Pose: uhns! – estetica

Hair: Hiyori, Type A – Junwave
Skin: Grace, Honey, Cherry Blossom – Atomic
Bolero: TLS Lace Bolero Pink – B@re Rose [10L]
Top: Seaside Sweetie Halter, White – 5th & Oxford [new]
Skirt: Seaside Sweetie Skirt, Chocolate – 5th & Oxford [new]
Shoes: Light Mint Flats – buttons. [79L]
Pose: That Magical Girl – estetica [new] (available at the black and blue fair)

I’m off to eat breakfast!

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Field Blush

Flushed and Blushed

We are now in the lovey lovey month and we are starting off great with a cute Cupid Heart Hunt and the Valentine’s Bazaar. Make sure to catch both ;)

Skin: Skye – Pink Sugar – Pink Fuel [50L at the Valentine’s Bazaar]
Hair: Bang Bang Bob, Butterfinger – !lamb. (old 50L Friday item) still available for 300L
Sweater: Christmas thermal – Momo (old dollarbie)
Dress: coco (platinum) – *MIU* [Cupid Heart Hunt]
Necklace: Cutie Necklace, Tartan Pink/Purple – *SiSSi* 169L
Leggings holic blue (UP) – DUBOO from 100L fatpack



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