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Introducing Astraia.

HC recently rebranded her store and then she went and released a bunch of cuteness AND has an additional location at starlust! The store name is Astraia and my whole outfit above and below, including the shoes, is completely HC’s doing. Her jeans and her leggings are my fave. I like them so much I could kick her :D

Now the hair, oh the hair, its so cute. Its from “I LOVE OLIVE” and I threw it on and it was instant hair crush<3

Mini Story: The background in the picture is actually my bedroom at home. I wanted an open space, water, stepping stones, and a round window. That’s all I knew. So I took that idea and made it one my rooms. I’m still learning how to build but this happens to be one of my fave house builds thus far. Hopefully with more practice, I’ll improve!


See the corset? Also a new release and at HC’s starlust location, you’ll find an exclusive color. Oh and she will be participating in the Valentine’s Bazaar coming up so keep an eye out for her!

Mini Story: The location of this picture was interesting. I went exploring and came across this RP sim. It truly is a nice place and no, I wasn’t asked this time if I wanted to be eaten. Everyone was really respectful so don’t ever be afraid of wandering around, as long as you’re nice and respect their space, they’ll give you the same courtesy. If not, um, run? :p

Check Ashlee’s post HERE and Persey’s blog HERE for more peeks at HC’s new items and colors :)

I just have to take time out to wish HC a very happy rezday. It was a couple days ago and I would have wanted to post this entry on her special day but I had snapshot failure. Anyhow, I wanted to make up for it by dedicating this post to her. (Yeah I’m cheesy, so what?). Please visit her store and support my friend and her cuteness!

1. Top / Skirt / Leggings / Flats

Hair: Lulu, Dark Brown – I LOVE OLIVE
Skin: Hiccup Lavender Lippie (Light Skin tone) – Tres Blah
Stripe Top: Purple – [astraia]
Skirt: Denim Mini – [astraia]
Crop Leggings: Purple – [astraia]
Denim Flats: Purple – [astraia]

2. Corset / Jeans / Heels

Hair: Mavi – seaspray – TRUTH
Skin: Jules I natural – Rockberry
Colorblock Corset: Green – [astraia]
Zipper Jeans: Dark – [astraia]
Toeless Heels: Green – [astraia]



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Hiatus no more!

What Hiatus?

Uwaaa! I’m back from my random hiatus. My first life has kept me quite busy and a lot is still taking place. BUT, after shopping and taking random pictures at a friend’s place, I decided it was time to return to my blog. Tada! Here I am :)

First thing you need to know is that I have decided to face the facts and accept that I’m obsessed with leggings, socks, and shorts. No idea why, maybe the summer is doing this to me, but Litzi is loca for all that goodness that goes on her legs and feet. I found my way into Soxie and my linden balance decided to worship Parker McTeague. Why? The leggings, stockings, and tights are only 49L each!! There’s an entire collection of colors to choose from so imagine how many eyegasms I had that day :p I decided to pair them with the black highwaisted shorts I got at Artilleri. I couldn’t figure out what top to wear but I searched deep within my crazy inventory and pulled out the lime cotton tank from Project Kiwi. All in all, it is a simple look that still has all the quirky weirdness I like.

Happy to be back :) I’ll see you all soon.

Special thanks to HC for lending me her pose cubicle, stand, booth thing.


Skin: Mia F Natural FR – Rockberry
Hair: Black, Juliet, – Wild O (hanakarakusa Habana)
Undershirt: Lime, Cotton Tank – Project Kiwi
Highwaist shorts: Black, Johanna – Artilleri
Nylon Leggings: Turquoise, Calf 1 – Soxie
Shoes: Black, Ribbon High Heels – Aoharu

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