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Sunrise & Lace

Sunrise Lace v.2

Yes I have new hair. If you haven’t gone to Fri.Day to check out the new hairstyles, then you’re missing out on the pretty! I’m obsessed with this Marie hair. Hempy is one of my neighbors and she was there the night I was picking up my new cabello (that’s how you say hair in Spanish). See my necklace and bracelet? Hells yeah, Miss Hempy made it! I was looking at this music video the other day and I wanted to dress in white. Litzi can be innocent too!

Sunrise Lace

I guess you can say the video, more so the song, inspired this simple but girly look. And Hempy’s pieces added that extra something I needed to make it work :D So where is this video? You’ll find it at the bottom of this entry. Ahh, and one last thing! The pictures were taken inside of the NUT skybox, one of the hunt gifts from the Starlust Valentine’s Hunt.

Hair: Marie, Jaded Blond – Fri.Day [250L]
Skin: Clara, Este, Deep Purple- Imagen [Starlust Valentine’s Hunt]
Necklace & Bracelet: Part of the Big’Ol Turquoise Jewelery Set – RIPE [Hempy Weezles]
Top: Part of the Tulip Ivory Dress – Luster [230L]
Skirt: Vintage Lace Skirt(heaven) – WY [190L]
Shoes: Chunky Stiletto Pumps, color scripted – HOC Apparel [10L]
Skybox: Hidden Sunrise Skybox- *NUT* [ Starlust Valentine’s Hunt]

Winterplay : Gypsy Girl



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