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{Shiny Things & a Dark Mouse}




Hair: Ghost, Honeycomb – !lamb
Skin: Hena 2 A4 – Mother Goose
Jacket: dot jacket (be) – :: fore :: [NEW]
Top: Classic Tee, Teal – Reek
Shorts: Stein Tailored Shorts, Van Cleef – W&B
Shoes: Delphine pumps, Burgundy – Shiny Things [NEW]

Belt: Highland Traveler – Ingenue
Socks: kneesocks, naturals, green – SYSY’s
Earrings + Necklace: Vintage 50’s Pearl & Diam, Gold – Dark Mouse [Jewelry Fair Release]
Hat: Amanite Hat – Mina [FTLO exclusive gift]
Eye Shadow: pumpkin nightmare – estetica [gatcha 20L @ Shocktoberfest]

POSE: babo – estetica




Hair: Cout, 12pm – RezIpsa Loc
Skin: HENA2A1 – Mother Goose
Jacket: Fur White – ][AV][ {lucky board}
Top: Seaside Sweetie Halter, Robin Blue – 5th & Oxford
Skirt: Ruffle Flower, Mint – mijn.t
Leggings: Pattern Tights, Beige – SMS
Shoes: Delphines, sand – Shiny Things [NEW]

Earrings + Necklace: Baroque Flower Set, Copper – Dark Mouse [Jewelry Fair Release]

POSE: eun hee – estetica




Hair: Tanya01, cappucchino – mikan
Skin: Hena2A1 – Mother Goose
Top: Liliana Cap Sleeve Blouse, Redemption – W&B
Jacket: Part of 2nd Anniversary Gift – S@BBiA [ group gift ]
Skirt: Jori Skirt, Twig – 5th & Oxford
Shoes: Kelsey pumps, Maroon – Shiny Things [NEW]

Hair Accessory: Hair Crystals – SE*Designz
Eye Shadow: teal {funk} – estetica [gatcha 20L @ Shocktoberfest]
Jewelry Set: Victorian Tassel, Gold – Dark Mouse [Jewelry Fair Release]
Bag: eco icecream – ][AV][ [10L]

POSE: eun mi – estetica


Oh come on now, you can’t refuse these shoes. They’re the latest releases from Shiny Things. They have variety and there are three styles named Kelsey, Delphine, and Arcada.

Ah and I’ve been checking out everyone’s choices from the Jewelry Fair. I thought I’d share my fave from Dark Mouse. I wish I would have had more time to buy pretties and wander the fair but I got caught up with some personal things offline and then some events Estetica has lined up. What events? Well…. one is Shocktoberfest and the other is the Halloween Hunt for Autism. So please make sure to come out, Ashlee, Ana and I would love to see y’all there :)




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Praise Limes, I am back!


I disappeared a few weeks back because I got pretty darn germy. I was sick and full of the blehs. Some personal matters came up again so my focus has been elsewhere. But! When I get nervous I usually put myself to do something to get distracted and right this minute seemed like the perfect time to blog. So here we go! I’ve had the Reek and Tiny Bird items in my inventory for awhile and now that my icky grossness is clearing up, I thought I should share the looks I came up with :)

Hair: Postcards from Italy, Dirty Blonde – Tiny Bird [new]
Skin: Hounds of Love, Tan, Katt – &Bean (main store currently unavailable)
Basic Cardigan: Black – SMS [new]
Top: Right Stripes Tee, Gray/Gray – Reek [new]
Bottom: Daft Trunks, Solid Turquoise – Reek [new]
Socks: Short Dot Sox – White & Black – .*FLUFFY*+. [1L]
Shoes: Simple Flats – *UB* [Thank you for the gift Neva <3]
Right Wrist: Tempted Bangles, Ghost – *Ticky Tacky* [new]
Necklace: Squarish Necklace, Dark – *SiSSi*
Pose: Gomen Nasai – estetica [new] (available at the black and blue fair)

Hair: Witch, Ink – !lamb
Skin: Hounds of love, Tan, Korp – &Bean (main store currently unavailable)
Dress: St Augustine, White – Tiny Bird [new]
Undershirt: Sinful Sweater, Yellow – Cynful
Socks: kneesocks, naturals-grey – SYSY’s
Shoes: Simple Flats – *UB*
Necklace: Mixtape Necklace – Cat Crap (Gilly Wycliffe)
Glasses: SG-78 Avori – Role Optic [new]
Pose: puzzled or quirked? – estetica [new] (available at the black and blue fair)


Switching directions. I ended up going to the Junwave sale Ashlee told me about and well, the hair I got went perfect with the new 5th and Oxford items so I had to match them up! I had to! And then, I saw the boots from Shiny Things and I threw them on like the true Texan that I am XD As seen in the picture above, I have the boots in Chestnut, Camel, and Liquorice but you can also find Cinnamon, Toast, and Oil in the store :)


Hair: Misa, H-Nuts – Junwave
Skin: Grace, Honey, Cherry Blossom – Atomic
Top: Seaside Sweetie Striped Halter, Cream – 5th & Oxford [new]
Undershirt: Basics Tube Bra, Maroon (part of MODERNYOUTH PK – Ohmai
Shorts: Seaside Sweetie, Robin Blue – 5th & Oxford [new]
Ginger Boots: Chestnut – Shiny Things [new]
Bandaid: Polka Dots (I heart Bandaid) – Reek
Bracelet: Part of Silver Cypher Jewelery Set – ((RIPE)) (New location opening soon!)
Pose: uhns! – estetica

Hair: Hiyori, Type A – Junwave
Skin: Grace, Honey, Cherry Blossom – Atomic
Bolero: TLS Lace Bolero Pink – B@re Rose [10L]
Top: Seaside Sweetie Halter, White – 5th & Oxford [new]
Skirt: Seaside Sweetie Skirt, Chocolate – 5th & Oxford [new]
Shoes: Light Mint Flats – buttons. [79L]
Pose: That Magical Girl – estetica [new] (available at the black and blue fair)

I’m off to eat breakfast!

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5th and Oxford + release = Litzi happy


Dun dun dun! I could really kick myself for being so happy with this outfit. I feel so cute. Ahh, but lucky for me 5th & Oxford released a variety of colors so that I and you can mix and match. You can wear the colors I have here or you can pick from Turquoise, Twig, Violet, Bone, Egg Blue, or Rose. I chose to go with the Coral top and Daffodil skirt :D I’m cool like that!

Anyhoo, I’m up late / early because I can’t sleep and I’m all nervous about the Pose Fair. I finished my vendors so I’ll be doing happy dances all through breakfast.

I’ll keep this post short. I hope you guys like the picture though, it took me forever to get the path and grass right.

Hair: Cami, Brown – Kin [100L]
Skin: AOKI Light Purify NB Skin – Vive9 [freebie]
Top: Jori Blouse, *CORAL* – 5th&Oxford [new, 100L]
Skirt: Jori Skirt, *DAFFODIL* – 5th&Oxford [new, 100L]
Socks: Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders, Camel – Pig [Last week’s 50L friday item]
Shoes: Panu shoes – Picnic [winter choice! 2009]


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Little Miss Litzi


Well well, look who decided to face Autumn in her undies :D Now, I nearly fell on the floor when I took a look at the new 5th & Oxford skins. I cannot express how in love I am with the tummy shading. I showed some friends of mine and they were also thrilled with how amazing it looked. The great part is that the lingerie at 5th & Oxford is just as sexy and oh did it turn this dork into a sex goddess in just one try on. Incredible transformation! Okay, so maybe I’m still a dork in undies but STILL, I think I’m the hotness! To say the truth, I didn’t think I would ever go for such makeup before, but 5th & Oxford changed that for me. Its fun and fresh all at the same time.

Everything you see in the picture (minus the hair) above is from 5th & Oxford.


Undies & Stockings: Little Miss Lingerie in Black

Shoes: Little Miss Maribou Mules

Bow: Part of the Little Miss Accessories :D I love them!

Lets get to the Little Miss Skins!

Here are some of the makeups you can get with the new release:


I didn’t want to fiddle around too much with windlight effects or what not, so I let my viewer do its thing and just cropped my head(s) and slapped on a background. I added the drop shadow and that’s about it. So as you can see, the makeup is truly pretty on its own. And the skin accessories available are so fun, you can pick and choose which brow, and um pubes, you wear from auburn, brown, black, red, and blonde.

Now go demo and get naked! Or, just strip down to your undies and have a party :D
Check out these two pics I did at home while wearing the 5th & Oxford blue slip and the red lingerie set:
Here and Here.

Taxi: 5th & Oxford


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