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New Hunt Starts Saturday Night.

GSH Poster

This hunt will not take you forever and a day to complete but you will walk away with some great items from a variety of stores that have come together to give you a great time :D

Join the in-world group by searching for “GOOD SH*T HUNT” or by looking up the profile of “Estetica Memo”

For more information, including the full list of designers please visit the GSH OFFICIAL BLOG.

Hints will be going live very soon!


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Clearance Sale!

sale poster

Dun dun dun! HC & CO is having a clearance sale! Last night, Ashlee, Allyn, Gin, and myself went over to wander around and ended up hanging out with HC for awhile. In between HC transforming into the peen fairy and Ashlee screaming in excitement, we managed to buy some of the sale items and some of her soon to be released collection. And yes, HC has that store with the jeans that make people think you have Goddess butt. And the shorts I got last night do the same thing! My butt thanks her :D

Allyn posted pictures of some of the items you can find in HC’s store and Ashlee included some of the sale items and previews of the releases to come. SO GO LOOK!

Oh and I’m working on a new post about skins! I’m really happy about it. I’ve been walking around in some of them and they’re fun! I’m wearing one of them in the picture Ashlee has on her blog :D

Go to the sale or die! Here is your taxi: .HC&CO.

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NOH8 Gallery Opening.

Please do come and show your support for this meaningful photography project and of course, for the amazing Trace Osterham!

Your taxi will arrive just before the gallery’s opening 2:00pm PDT/SLT, so continue checking the NOH8 site where the link will be placed.

And yes, I was one of the near 350 people who participated. I am very excited and I hope to see all of you at the opening!

Oh! on a side note:
I have not had the opportunity to spend much time in SL lately… BUT, now that I have had some small windows of free time, I have begun working on a “change.” Once I get things organized, I’ll fill y’all in :p

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