Why the blog?

A crazy idea that started off as me wanting to share my adventures. It quickly shifted to the shopping that I do quite frequently on SL.

How long does it take to do a blog post?

I work and I have projects / assignments that keep me busy in RL. At the max, I can have a blog post up within two or three days, depending on when I took the picture.

Where do you take pictures?

I usually take pictures at home in my small little studio or I borrow the studio of a friend. Sometimes I wander around exploring sims and take a shot.

What viewer do you use?

I take pictures in the regular SL viewer. Emerald refused to cooperate with me and I flashed people my tatas every single time I hit snapshot.

Do you edit?

I edit the pictures if they have pixeled ridges. I’ve also gotten into making or applying backgrounds to give the picture a different feel. And I use PS :p