Second Life finally cooperated me and I was able to take some snapshots of the new Ugly Duck skins / makeups called Jesica and Valentina. First up is Jesica. I really like this tone. It looks great in pictures and has this certain aura to it when I put it on. Valentina is a bit more pale yet very sweet and almost innocent. JUST LIKE ME! Okay, I know some might argue and say I’m violent but I can at least appear deceiving! Both skins come in a variety of makeups including Fade’s new day and night looks. That’s right, the new packs now have a fresh face for a nice day look or a more dramatic face for an evening shot. Although the packs are a bit more expensive then the previous packs released, Jesica and Valentina are worth it. And hey hey, there are freckles options! I’d like to think of these releases as Fade giving us a bit of everything :) So go demo, go buy, and have fun <3


P.S. The Proposers Hunt is starting tonight.

For more info check on the BLOG


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