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I was one of the many who rushed into the “blur” event and nearly stepped on people to get the Tres Blah skins. I had seen pictures before the event opened up and I admit, I had my heart set on them before even trying them on. Darn that Julliette Westerburg! She makes these skins I can’t ever say no to and so yup, I fatpacked :)

“It was a blur” is a pretty inspiring place of it own and the designers all did a great job. I wanted to do my personal little “blur” looks so again I went in search for the perfect dress. I ended up running back to the IFW10 event and after browsing, I spotted the Mirage dresses from Swansong. The dresses are girly and the pale colors they come in are really nice. If you’re running late to the IFW10 event, I’d suggest you not miss out on Swansong. There are plenty of lovely items available to buy and these dresses are just a start.



Hair: Ghost, Honeycomb – !lamb
Skin: Hazey Blur Makeup – Tres Blah [it was a blur exclusive]
Lashes: Awesome lashes, basic – &Bean
Dress: Mirage Dress, Nude – Swansong [IFW10 designer]
Shoes: Basic pumps, cream –
Necklace: Nizam necklace (long), white – Zaara
Hand pieces: Nizam Haath-phool (hand-jewel), white –Zaara
Pose: If you were here – estetica


Hair: Ghost, Honeycomb – !lamb
Skin: Arsenic Blur Makeup – Tres Blah [it was a blur exclusive]
Dress: Mirage Dress, Ice – Swansong [IFW10 designer]
Shoes: Basic pumps, cream –
Pose: Down Will Come Baby – estetica


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If you haven’t been to the IFW10 event, you might want to run there before it ends tonight. I happened to take a stroll there the other day and couldn’t leave a store called PurpleMoon. The dresses I saw were very well made and I knew a couple of those items were going to find their way into my inventory and then end up here on my blog. I was really inspired by the gowns. If you know me even in the slightest, you’d probably realize that I rarely wear long dresses or gowns. However, these were so beautiful that I got the artsy fartsy itch :)



Hair: FTN683 hair blonde – *booN
Skin: Dashing Blur Makeup – Tres Blah [it was a blur exclusive]
Gown & Hat: Lois in Teal – Purple Moon [IFW10]
Ring: Squarish Ring Dark – *SiSSi*
Liner: Vingue, eyeliner B – glow studio
Pose: 1922 – estetica

I have to admit, the Sunshine dress is what did it for me. My friends laugh ’cause I make myself follow the “look three times” rule. That means, if I go back to an item three times, I love it and need it. Yeah, I totally cheated and didn’t follow my own rule. Once I saw this dress, I knew this was what I wanted to blog. I couldn’t walk away! The hair happens to be from PurpleMoon as well and it is part of the store’s new hairstyle collection named, Kay.



Hair: Kay in Ebony (Runway Hair) – Purple Moon [IFW10]
Skin: Harsh Blur Makeup – Tres Blah [it was a blur exclusive]
Gown: Sunshine in Green & Brown – Purple Moon [IFW10]
Neck piece: Collar me up (tinted to match) – *SiSSi*
Hair accessory: June*pink green (modded & adjusted to fit)- WILDO
Liner: Vingue, eyeliner B – glow studio
Pose: This heat adds spunk – estetica



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Second Life finally cooperated me and I was able to take some snapshots of the new Ugly Duck skins / makeups called Jesica and Valentina. First up is Jesica. I really like this tone. It looks great in pictures and has this certain aura to it when I put it on. Valentina is a bit more pale yet very sweet and almost innocent. JUST LIKE ME! Okay, I know some might argue and say I’m violent but I can at least appear deceiving! Both skins come in a variety of makeups including Fade’s new day and night looks. That’s right, the new packs now have a fresh face for a nice day look or a more dramatic face for an evening shot. Although the packs are a bit more expensive then the previous packs released, Jesica and Valentina are worth it. And hey hey, there are freckles options! I’d like to think of these releases as Fade giving us a bit of everything :) So go demo, go buy, and have fun <3


P.S. The Proposers Hunt is starting tonight.

For more info check on the BLOG

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Hello strangers.


Hair: Sleepyhead, Butterfinger – !lamb
Skin: Night 2, Valentina, Freckled – Ugly Duck [NEW]
Dress: Sierra Bubble Dress, Yellow – Pink Outfitters [NEW]
Leggings: oriental fishnets, orange – actchio.
Shoes: Basic Pumps, Sepia –
Necklace: Sunflower Opal – ((RIPE)) [coming soon]
Pose: Model252 – *EverGlow*

Hair: Brande, Jaded Blond – [NEW]
Skin: Jesica, pinched more – Ugly Duck [NEW]
Top: Poet Halter, Teacup –
Shrug: Shrug, brown – SYSY’s
Skirt: Meshed Potatoes – Veschi (TDR)
Leggings: Opaque Stockings, Army –
Shoes: Basic Pumps, Sepia –
Pose: yoliplex – Estetica [NEW]

It seems just when I’m getting the hang of SL again, something pulls me away. This time is different though, this time it is something more serious that has me worried. Some of you know from plurk that my grandma has been very sick. I’m hoping she will be okay but my heart weighs heavy in the waiting. As always though, I find ways to keep my spirt up and the other night, I signed into SL and found myself getting outfits together. It helped! So I took pictures and well, tada :) Once again I have to say its nice to have something else to focus on even if it is for a few short moments.

BTW! I’ll be doing a skin post of the new Ugly Duck skins within the next few days. Just a preview of Fade’s new skins and makeups. Until then, here are the rest of the looks I threw together.


Hair + Hat: Savannah 1 Hair, Chai – Reek [NEW]
Skin: Ember, Honey, Gossip – Pink Fuel [NEW]
Top: Easy Tank Red – SMS
Shawl: Gold – Lika Ruby
Pants: Skinny Jeans Light Grey 2 – SMS
Boots: Ginger Boots, Chestnut – Shiny Things
Pose: ahoh! – Estetica
Saddle Stool:  White Wood – Reek [NEW]


Hair: Alis, AshOlive – fascino
Skin: Ember, Honey, Scene – Pink Fuel [NEW]
Top: Melody Halter, Purple – [NEW]
Undershirt: Racerback Stripped Tank, Blue – Surf Couture
Shorts: Boardwalk Shorts – Boho [coming soon]
Socks: Short Dot Sox, White & Light Purple – FLUFFY [1L]
Shoes: Canvas Shoes, Sea Stars – Pididdle
Necklace: A bitch never change, Purple – *Ticky Tacky* [NEW]
Pose: Chub-Cool Kid – LAP

Hair: Brande 2, Moody Brown – [NEW]
Skin: Ember, Honey, Mod – Pink Fuel [NEW]
Top: Dapys & Pounds Tee, White – Tiny Bird [NEW]
Undershirt: Button Tank, Light Blue – EmJay
Shorts: Summer Plaid Long Shorts, Pink – EmJay [NEW]
Shoes: Kelly Shoes – A-BOMB
Bracelet: Starlight Corsage, Blue – *Ticky Tacky* [NEW]
Pose: Model227 – *EverGlow*


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