Ugly Duck: New Makeups!

Gone Laura.

I was excited to find out Fade made new makeups for her skins. First, the Laura Milk Skins are so adorable. They have a bit of a mime feel to them but they’re really cute and fun.

Ugly Duck: Laura - Milk and Milk 2

Ugly Duck now has Lily as a new tone and heck yeah I like it! The one thing I appreciate about Fade’s skins are the subtle and yet different makeups offered from the added blush to the faint blue eyeliner :D I confess, I really do like skins that bring out my character and I think that’s why I like Fade’s skins so much. Oh and before I forget, as an added bonus below are the new french lip options you can have!

Ugly Duck: Lily - French Lips

But! If you crave more color, you can have Lily in Rose or Red. They make for a playful and fresh look and that’s always a yay!

Ugly Duck: Lily - Rose and Red

Finally, if you’re like me and like freckles on certain skins, you’ll be happy to know you can have Beth in the new Rose makeups.

Ugly Duck: Beth - Rose

1st Picture
Hair: Michelle, cappuccino – Mikan
Skin: Laura, Rose 3 – Ugly Duck [new] (The Laura Rose makeups are gorgeous. My computer crapped out before I could finish taking the closeups)
Jacket: Roxe, Black – Emery [new]
Dress: Open Buttoned Dress, Eggplant – *Linc* [new]
Leggings: Roxe, Flora #03 – Emery [new]
Shoes: Basic Flats, Noire – Astraia
Pose: TorridWear

Other pictures:
Hair: Somebody’s Lady, Coffee – Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Eyes: Frozen Eye, Kuro, Type A – Umedama Holic
Lashes: 01, came with my Lilly skin – [KA]


ALERT *sounds siren*
I’ve been really busy over the last few days (personal RL things) and planning a hunt. AshleePSU Snoodle and I have been gathering store names who would like to participate in what we are calling The Good Shit Hunt. So far we have some pretty great stores on our list so if you have a store or know of a store that would like to participate, please drop “Estetica Memo” a notecard in-world and someone will get back to you with more information.


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