Tuli’s Sayuri


And here are the rest of the makeups:


Above: 1st line with Freckles, 2nd line no freckles


Above: 1st line no freckles, 2nd line with freckles

I’m one of those girls that loves to play with makeup in my first life and in my second. I love a great natural look but I also like wearing something with an edge. Tuli has presented Sayuri, an Asian skin line that not only comes with various beautiful makeups, but offers the option of having freckles and cleavage. I normally wear pale skins so I adore these. Okay I lie, I’m obsessed with them. However, I have gotten into trying out darker skin tones so I am with a lot of you, I am hoping to see a darker skin tone with Sayuri.
AND, I’ll quit talking now and let you guys get back to checking out the skins :D

NOTE: I did not edit these pictures. Took snapshots, cropped, and arranged :)

Ahem, keep checking, Sayuri is soon to be released!


Eyes: Frozen Eye, Kuro, Type A – Umedama Holic

Hair: Ambrosia, Snickers – !lamb


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