New Releases: & estetica

Friday Tourist - new release

Hair: Nimue, Caramel – Maitreya
Skin: Elle BL Pale – Belleza [ group gift ]
Jacket: Tourist Jacket, Navy –
Shirt: Traveler’s Tank, Brown –
Skirt: Chiffon Skirt Plain Beige – {SMS}
Cutoff.Stockings: Red –
Necklace: Isolde Necklace, Gold – U&R Dogs (AF exclusive)
Shoes: Ribbon Slingback Shoes, Brown – *G Field*
Pose: hello my thoughts – estetica [new]

Friday Reverie & Mini - new release


Hair: Runway Model Hair, Blondee – PR!TTY
Skin: Ember, Milk, Spring Baby – Pink Fuel [75l, Themeory Project]
Dress + Shirt & Tie: Reverie. Black Dress, Teal –
Belt: Lucid.Belt –
Opaque.Stockings: Jade –
Shoes: Fallv1.7 – Kalnins Footwear [JFTG Hunt Item]
Pose: Poseur – estetica [new]

Hair: Stargaze, Kit Kat – Lamb [Stumblebum item]
Skin: Laura, Red 2 – Ugly Duck [new]
Jacket: No Collar Leather, Black – Aoharu
Shirt: Traveler’s Tank, Black –
Skirt: Vacation. Mini, Red –
Opaque.Stockings: Black –
Shoes: Mishima Dawn, Patent / Suede Liquorice – Maitreya
Pose: new boots – estetica [new]


Hair: Nimue, Kala Jeera – Maitreya
Skin: Ember, Milk, Spring Baby – Pink Fuel [75L Themeory Project]
Tank: Traveler’s Tank, Black –
Shirt: Prairie Blouse, Pink – SMS [last week’s 50L item]
Shorts: Shorti Shorts Torn, Super Dark – EmJay
Opaque.Stockings: Burgundy –
Shoes: Mishima Dawn, Patent/Suede Liquorice – Maitreya
Pose: Oh, you know – estetica [new]

Tada! Huge post but I had a lot of fun playing dress up. All the items pictured here are part of their new release available now! While I love all the pieces, I absolutely adore the jacket <3 You can wear their items with each other or you can wear them with other items in your inventory. They really go great with everything and so for that I give the team an A+ of a grade!

See the Ugly Duck skin I have on in the second picture ? That is one of Fade’s newest skins. Y’all might want to go pay a visit and get your lindens ready ’cause Fade has ” Le Cirque Diabolique” up at her store and there are some pretty crazy and costume(y) skins that are different and well, y’all just need to go see! I know I’m going to start saving my lindens to get my hands on what I saw :D Oh! And, she even has some eyes up to accompany the skins for 150L.

As for estetica, gosh, I just want to thank all of you for visiting and supporting us. Especially fellow bloggers who have taken the time to use and feature the poses my friends and I have made. Believe me, it means a lot to us.

I’m also in the process of sorting the poses in my stands so I can begin crediting other pose makers on this blog :)

So that’s it for tonight, run to, run to Ugly Duck, and a big thanks from estetica!


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