Blogger Challenge, Community Spirit: Dork Street

At Neva's House :)

I first heard of Cajsa’s challenge on plurk and I quickly thought about all the people I know and couldn’t decide who to choose. Then I logged in and I was instantly inspired by my surroundings. My home is set to a place my friends and I named, Dork Street.

A funny name attached to a loving and caring small SL neighborhood. Every single person that I call “neighbor” is someone I can call a trustworthy and dependable friend. Each individual is strong and talented in their own way. DS and it’s visitors I think is the perfect example of respecting each other despite differences in style, opinion, and humor. The foundation of our friendship is based on communication and understanding. We support each other and have a silent bond that allows us to be comfortable with one another.

There are people within Dork Street that go through their own health related struggles or have gone through something difficult but still manage to smile and make things fun for the rest of us. Others build, design, or create amazing items. Some of my neighbors are more into fashion and their blogs show up on the feeds to inspire others to explore their own sense of style. A few of them take photography to another level and make you see emotion through a single snapshot. Then there are the ones who go through it all, do it all, or don’t do any of it, and their wit alone can entertain you. These individuals are the reason I have a true understanding of what it takes to juggle real life responsibilities and yet come back to willingly give of themselves to strangers by way of their creativity.

Dork Street renewed my want to remain in Second Life when I was ready to walk away from it. This group of various people and their differences came together and created a small environment where we, and the people who hang out with us, can have fun and just get away from the stresses in daily life. In a way, I guess you can say we agreed to be selfless and we learned to compromise and tolerate to keep things peaceful. There has never been a single dramatic event at Dork Street. Some people have left and returned to a hectic and busy real life schedule, but we always wish them well and leave a door open in case they want to come back.

Being part of this neighborhood in Second Life has made me realize that every person has a story. They have to be willing to share and you have to be willing to listen. After all, you can’t be inspired if you do not open yourself up to the opportunity.

I can assure you all, these friends of mine in SL can brighten your day with their laughter, jokes, and silly ways. They keep me logging in and they all have a place in my heart. From the new residents to the residents who have been there from the beginning, and yes, our visitors too –  to them I say: Whether you know it or not, you have helped me remain strong on the days that I am sick and anxious. You have added happiness on top of my joys and laughter. And, when my battle with Lupus feels too much to handle, I log in to sit and just feel part of the funny chats that take place in our group. I have learned to build, to decorate my home, take better pictures, improve my writing, laugh at my mistakes, have fun when I’m in pain, explore new styles, accessorize a little more, see art through someone else’s eyes, and I owe it to the following people who are full of crazy, quirky, and lots of randomness:

Gin Amiot, Anastasia Trefusis, Narita Rayna, Neva Seljan, Wrenja Czaczkes, Hempy Weezles, Emma Hazelnut, Mai Moonwall, AshleePSU Snoodle, Persey Garcia, Kaitlyn Lavendel, Lenora Serpente, Quiver Quintessa, Silver Milneaux, Kris Idlemind, Whisper Despres, Rbk GossipGirl, Eden Knoller, Adelaide Msarko, Raine Blindside, Raine Miami, Allyn Magic, Isadora Vayandar

And of course, even though they may not live at Dork Street or they might try to deny they have been part of the umm, well, “fun” that happens:
Novalita Constantine, Heather Connolly, Mashimaro Oh.

About the Pic:

Hair: michelle_cappuccino_M – Mikan [100L]
Skin: N2 Elizabeth -tone B- 12.1 Anaconda 1 – *blowpop* [from iheartsl review pack, makeup set #2]
Shirt: Part of the Sinilintu+ DaraDara Roomwear *Gray+Green* – +KiiToS!! [Cupid’s Heart Hunt]
Shorts: Torn Shorts Faded – ::EmJay:: [50L]
Leggings: Brownie – Tee*fy [Gacha, 30L]
Shoes: Supermarket shoes [Traveler] – DUBOO* [Gacha, 50L]

And I took my picture inside of Neva’s house. She’s insanely good at decorating and is always changing her house. I bet she’ll change her house again by next week :p



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13 responses to “Blogger Challenge, Community Spirit: Dork Street

  1. anastasiatrefusis

    *HUGS* You are an amazing, sweet, wonderfully creative person. Every single day I am so very glad to be a part of Dork St, and to be your friend.

  2. Adie

    xoxo Litzi!!! You always have the best blogs…I feel so blessed to be a part of dork st and to have such amazing friends!! You are so talented and I’m so lucky to be your friend :O)

  3. Darn you Litzi for making me tear up!

  4. Wrenja

    that was sweet :)

  5. Awwww Litzi, I never found a blog so moving! I feel even more proud being part of Dork street now, hugs to you and all my dorky friends :))

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  7. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady

    awesome blog – and can you ask your friend Neva where the planters on stands are from in your pic – they are next to the couch ……

    did I say awesome blog – oh yes i did

  8. i love youuuuuuu.

    hugs. this picture needs more photos, like of your gorgeous house heh!

  9. Whisper Despres

    Aww, you go girl <3

  10. Great post. Waves to you from Austin! I wish you all the best.

  11. oh babygirl! this was beautiful!

    im so grateful to you & the girls for taking us in & giving us all something that feels like a *real* home in SL.

    thank you <33333

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  13. Im finally catching up on all of your blogs, since I’ve been away. You are such a sweetie Litzi <3

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