Field Blush

Flushed and Blushed

We are now in the lovey lovey month and we are starting off great with a cute Cupid Heart Hunt and the Valentine’s Bazaar. Make sure to catch both ;)

Skin: Skye – Pink Sugar – Pink Fuel [50L at the Valentine’s Bazaar]
Hair: Bang Bang Bob, Butterfinger – !lamb. (old 50L Friday item) still available for 300L
Sweater: Christmas thermal – Momo (old dollarbie)
Dress: coco (platinum) – *MIU* [Cupid Heart Hunt]
Necklace: Cutie Necklace, Tartan Pink/Purple – *SiSSi* 169L
Leggings holic blue (UP) – DUBOO from 100L fatpack




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2 responses to “Field Blush

  1. Adie

    SOOOOO Cute!!!! Awesome job Litzi!!

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