Ugly Duck Skins

Ugly DuckDetails:
Skin: Lucy – Painted (redlips – smokey eyes) – Ugly Duck
Entire Outfit: Its Only a Paper Moon – B@re Rose
Hair: Eva, Charcoal – Exile

Here are some glimpses of the Ugly Duck skins available at Fade Lei’s store:

BellaSkinsBella – Nude

Row 1: Bella – Bare (blue eyeliner), Bella – Broken (doll lips – smeared), Bella – Broken (naked lips – rouged cheeks), Bella – More Broken (cracked mouth- novice mascara – blush)

Row 2: Bella – More Broken (pinched cheeks – novice mascara), Bella – Painted (green eyeshadow – blue doll lips), Bella – Painted (redlips – smokey eyes), Bella – Henna (red lips)

JaneSkinsPlain Jane Natural (Freckles)

1. Jane Painted (blue eyeshadow – grape doll lips), 2. Jane Painted (pink blue makeup), 3. Jane – Henna (Powder – Black Lips)

lucyskinsLucy – Bare

1. Lucy – Painted (redlips – smokey eyes), 2. Lucy – Henna (Redlips – Red Bindi), 3. Lucy – Henna (Black lips)

This is a long post because I really wanted to show the variation of the skin makeup and tones. When I spoke with Fade she said that the Bella skins are some of her proudest work and really, I can see why. I usually don’t go for ultra pale skins but even friends that saw me in them agreed there was something very delicate and beautiful about them. I love the lips on all the skins and tones. I think Fade did a great job at adding details like the shading on the face, the mole near the lips, the freckles on the plane Jane skin, even the henna. BUT! I have to mention the boobies. If you’re like me and don’t really go for the cleavage or huge tatas, then these skins are for you. The chichees are small and well done. Now, if I’d get lighter brows on these, I’d probably die of skin overload.

Remember, I said this is just a glimpse. There are more tones and makeup available at the store. In fact, each pack comes with 10 skins. That means a lot of makeup variety. Fade is also the maker of the skins Abra blogged about awhile back, HERE. So go see for yourself, demo, and buy :D


Special thanks to Fade Lei for trusting me to blog these skins.

Note: I didn’t edit any of the pictures above. I cropped and resized. That was it. Wanted you all to have a good idea of how the skins truly look.



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2 responses to “Ugly Duck Skins

  1. so lovely on your shape, you really do them justice.


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