DU3, Oyakin


I was one of the people who couldn’t wait to get into the DU3 event. I fought the lag, even tolerated someone breathing like a dog / sniffing me, and it was worth it!

There are so many lovely items at the event, and yes I pretty much want them all. BUT! For me, it was the Oyakin dress (up above) that I had to have immediately. It was love at first rez :D I feel cute and pretty and the dress comes with a variety of socks included (I’m a serious sock addict). I will probably go back for some more items and those Tres Blah skins too. For now, I need to save my lindens and envy Ashlee and what she picked up. She looks yummy in the RunoRuno outfit and you can see that at her blog: Ramen Louise

See that skin? Hells yeah, FS set it out under the tree as a gift for Xmas and I tp’d in so fast to get my hands on it. It has easily become one of my faves. Oh and my hair is friggin’ adorable. Its a good thing Kookie wasn’t there when I went into the store to grab it for 25L ’cause I would have dropped dead to thank her for the price and the cuteness.

Anyhoo, I forced Gin to explore sims with me. By explore, I mean that I was having a vain moment and wanted to take pictures of me and my dress in a nice place. Here is one she took of me being a dork with lanky arms :D


Hair: Chiggy (beta) – Kookie
Skin: Skin / Maya Pale Prototype (Natural) – FreeSpeerit
Dress + Socks: VAUDEVILLE-minidress(dress2) – Oyakin
Shoes: Mary Squares – Periquita



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2 responses to “DU3, Oyakin

  1. Aww!! Very, very cute!!!

  2. great look as always Litzi :)

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