!Yuki Yuki!

Yuki Desu

Tada! I am cozy and ready to battle the chills!

Anyone that knows me understands my love / hate relationship with the cold, but the truth is, we’re entering my favorite time of the year. My eyes love the colors of the seasons changing and that is what I was inspired by for this look.

It started with the socks I found at BomBon. Aren’t they cute? I love them! I ended up buying another pair and grabbing the dollarbie socks at the shop. I didn’t want to wear shorts and if I wore pants, they’d cover my socks, so I decided for a happy medium and threw on my cropped trouser pants. I put on my shirt, and that’s when I noticed, oh my goodness, Litzi is missing something very important! I looked through my inventory, couldn’t find anything that would match or even look decent with what I had on, so I ran to Aoharu. I love that place but it can be dangerous! I think I lasted a good hour running back and forth between the jackets, coats, and vests. I finally picked what you see in the photo :D

Now a little bit about the picture….
I got really artsy with it I know! At Dork Street (My SL neighborhood), we’ve been getting excited about decorating for winter. Me and Isa seriously want snow. SO, in honor of her, I decided to add snow to my picture since neither of us have ever seen it in RL. I lasted a good while in PS just doing the background so I hope it came out well!

Snowflake Brushes: Stockudith
Tree Brushes: midnightstouch


Skin: Katherine, Pale, Natural – Free Speerit
Hair: Tatum, Blondes (Tinted Brown) – fri.day
Jacket layer: BT_OpenLongShirt_DenimBlack – AOHARU
Shirt: Unisex V-Neck, Mud – PIG
Pants: Masen Cropped Trouser Pant, White – Pink Outfitters
Socks: L005 – BomBon
Boots: Beebs Suede Boots, Brown – Pixel Mode



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One response to “!Yuki Yuki!

  1. isadora

    yay snow! i love the look :)
    and your photo is amazing
    clarity, shadow, colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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