.Kawaii Desu.


Hi again :D
As my friend RBK, would say, TATATATANNN! I recently added some items into my inventory that are not only cute but they can be worn with other outfits.

When I saw the new releases at Surf Couture, my eyes went straight to the cardigans and rain boots. The cardigans come in colors that I adore. You can throw them on with jeans, or do what I did and go with shorts. Cardigans and shorts? YES, in Litzi’s world it always works! On another note, this is why I like pieces like this. You can keep it simple and still look cute!


Now, usually when I get boots, I have to be careful because lets face it, I’m a short moe and sometimes it ends up looking like the boots are eating my legs. Sad, but true. Anyhoo, I was determined to make the rain boots work even if I had to adjust my size. When I got my hands on them, I realized they’re mod and I was so happy! I went with the color you see because umm, I like shades of aqua, teal and blue-ish green. The boots come in a range of colors so make sure you check them all out!

In other great news, I will now be contributing to another blog known as DRESS UP DOLLS. Not only are some of my best friends involved, they will also be showing off their styles! YAY!

Kettle Corn Cardigan , Faded – [SC] Surf Couture
Limited Edition Canvas Shoes, Sea Star – Pididdle
Safari Shorts, White – fri.day

Snug Fit Alphabet City Shirt/Skirt Combo, Bright Ass Yellow – PIG
Rain Boots, Aqua – [SC] Surf Couture

In both pictures:
Skin: Skye, Honey, Pure (dkbrow / freck) – Pink Fuel
Hair: Natsumi, Earten Brown from the Light Browns pack – Diversity Hair



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5 responses to “.Kawaii Desu.

  1. Great look and great pics! Hugs to you.

  2. Isadora

    yay super cute post!
    i am loving the surf co. cardigan. <333
    and as always
    you're the cutest girl everrrr.

  3. Carolina Sautereau

    u look very pretty!! love the hair >.<

  4. silver milneaux

    i looove the green in the second. those boots!

  5. What a concidence because I was looking for more information on this topic this morning when I discovered your really helpful blog post…thanks a lot for writing this. I will definitely be checking up on your blog and coming back for more.BTW how long have you been keeping a blog?

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