Fall for Litzi!

Litzi's Autumn

Tada! I’m ready for the cold! Okay, yeah in SL maybe, but in RL? NO WAY! Texas should not be this chilly right now. Anyhoo, with the cold fronts coming in one after another and me digging in my closet for coats / jackets, it inspired me to dig in my SL inventory. After some days [yes, days] I found my B@re Rose Fur Parka. Remember that awesome day at Decoy? When there were freebies and goodies around the store? Heck yeah, I got me the boots you see in the picture. They went perfect with my hair :D

Quick confession, I’ve been in this outfit for about two days. TWO DAYS! I don’t know how my friends put up with me. I must be stinky by now. Ahh! But the one thing I refuse to take off are my Pink Fuel skins. The one I used with this outfit I grabbed at the Skin Fair. So pretty and so worth the panic on not knowing which ones I wanted :D


SKIN: Skye, Honey, Copper – Pink Fuel
HAIR: 78, Pack C – W&Y
TIGHTS: Wine – Bellange
FUR PARKA: Black – B@re Rose
JULLY BOOTS: Tan – Decoy


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One response to “Fall for Litzi!

  1. isadora

    so so so cute, i love that coat!
    also, i adore the pink fuel skins, too.
    so soft and pretty and fresh!
    awesome post ! <3

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