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.Kawaii Desu.


Hi again :D
As my friend RBK, would say, TATATATANNN! I recently added some items into my inventory that are not only cute but they can be worn with other outfits.

When I saw the new releases at Surf Couture, my eyes went straight to the cardigans and rain boots. The cardigans come in colors that I adore. You can throw them on with jeans, or do what I did and go with shorts. Cardigans and shorts? YES, in Litzi’s world it always works! On another note, this is why I like pieces like this. You can keep it simple and still look cute!


Now, usually when I get boots, I have to be careful because lets face it, I’m a short moe and sometimes it ends up looking like the boots are eating my legs. Sad, but true. Anyhoo, I was determined to make the rain boots work even if I had to adjust my size. When I got my hands on them, I realized they’re mod and I was so happy! I went with the color you see because umm, I like shades of aqua, teal and blue-ish green. The boots come in a range of colors so make sure you check them all out!

In other great news, I will now be contributing to another blog known as DRESS UP DOLLS. Not only are some of my best friends involved, they will also be showing off their styles! YAY!

Kettle Corn Cardigan , Faded – [SC] Surf Couture
Limited Edition Canvas Shoes, Sea Star – Pididdle
Safari Shorts, White –

Snug Fit Alphabet City Shirt/Skirt Combo, Bright Ass Yellow – PIG
Rain Boots, Aqua – [SC] Surf Couture

In both pictures:
Skin: Skye, Honey, Pure (dkbrow / freck) – Pink Fuel
Hair: Natsumi, Earten Brown from the Light Browns pack – Diversity Hair



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Little Miss Litzi


Well well, look who decided to face Autumn in her undies :D Now, I nearly fell on the floor when I took a look at the new 5th & Oxford skins. I cannot express how in love I am with the tummy shading. I showed some friends of mine and they were also thrilled with how amazing it looked. The great part is that the lingerie at 5th & Oxford is just as sexy and oh did it turn this dork into a sex goddess in just one try on. Incredible transformation! Okay, so maybe I’m still a dork in undies but STILL, I think I’m the hotness! To say the truth, I didn’t think I would ever go for such makeup before, but 5th & Oxford changed that for me. Its fun and fresh all at the same time.

Everything you see in the picture (minus the hair) above is from 5th & Oxford.


Undies & Stockings: Little Miss Lingerie in Black

Shoes: Little Miss Maribou Mules

Bow: Part of the Little Miss Accessories :D I love them!

Lets get to the Little Miss Skins!

Here are some of the makeups you can get with the new release:


I didn’t want to fiddle around too much with windlight effects or what not, so I let my viewer do its thing and just cropped my head(s) and slapped on a background. I added the drop shadow and that’s about it. So as you can see, the makeup is truly pretty on its own. And the skin accessories available are so fun, you can pick and choose which brow, and um pubes, you wear from auburn, brown, black, red, and blonde.

Now go demo and get naked! Or, just strip down to your undies and have a party :D
Check out these two pics I did at home while wearing the 5th & Oxford blue slip and the red lingerie set:
Here and Here.

Taxi: 5th & Oxford


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Fall for Litzi!

Litzi's Autumn

Tada! I’m ready for the cold! Okay, yeah in SL maybe, but in RL? NO WAY! Texas should not be this chilly right now. Anyhoo, with the cold fronts coming in one after another and me digging in my closet for coats / jackets, it inspired me to dig in my SL inventory. After some days [yes, days] I found my B@re Rose Fur Parka. Remember that awesome day at Decoy? When there were freebies and goodies around the store? Heck yeah, I got me the boots you see in the picture. They went perfect with my hair :D

Quick confession, I’ve been in this outfit for about two days. TWO DAYS! I don’t know how my friends put up with me. I must be stinky by now. Ahh! But the one thing I refuse to take off are my Pink Fuel skins. The one I used with this outfit I grabbed at the Skin Fair. So pretty and so worth the panic on not knowing which ones I wanted :D


SKIN: Skye, Honey, Copper – Pink Fuel
HAIR: 78, Pack C – W&Y
TIGHTS: Wine – Bellange
FUR PARKA: Black – B@re Rose
JULLY BOOTS: Tan – Decoy

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