Instead of a fashion related post, I wanted to take the time out to thank all the designers, creators, and friends who have made my first year in Second Life amazingly fun and interesting.

When I found Second Life, I was looking for a game and a new means of distraction from real life stresses. I logged in and was surprised by…. everything. I started to log in more often as the weeks passed by. Then slowly, I allowed myself to make friends.

Just a few months before SL existed to me, my grandfather passed away. For several years, I shouldered the responsibility of caring for both my grandparents and looking after their health. My grandma is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and my grandpa suffered from congestive heart failure, gout, and several complications. As y’all can imagine, the months that followed his death were by far the most difficult. So, I went into myself and either let friends (RL) believe I was okay, or just avoided them.

Entering SL, I also kept to myself. I would explore, go on hunts, and shop. Then as I began to heal, I started interacting with people a bit more (in both lives). I gave myself permission to just be a 23 year old. That is when SL became fun and since then, it has been a getaway at the end of some long days. I have met the most amazing and quirky group of friends and I hope they know how much I adore and appreciate each one of them :D

Through this year, I have also come into my own sense of style and I have the many creators and designers to thank for that. Being able to express my individuality through this blog and in my day-to-day styles in SL has been crazy good. Thanks to each of you for all the hard work put into the items made.

And lastly, I can say without a doubt things have changed for the better in both my RL and SL.


Love, Litzi Xue


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