The Military Mouse

Military Mouse

The other night / early Monday morning, some friends and I gathered around the Atomic Lucky Chair in hopes of winning the pretty skin. An L came up, I was called a whore, I admitted to being a whore for skins, and after much switching of the letters, the chair yelled for a “W.” Star called watcher Castaignede of Avebury and Oh! New friend :p HC went mimi, followed by Star, and the rest of us decided to leave elsewhere. I went off to play and a few seconds later, went off to check out Avebury. I TP’d in and ran into watcher again. We chatted for awhile and then she dropped some items on me. Now, Avebury is just getting started but the store already has some droolworthy items to buy. What’s so impressive? I’ll tell you! The fact that watcher painstakingly paints the clothes, is insane. The Military Jacket I’m wearing above comes with the shirt too. See the shoes? Hells yeah, they’re also from Avebury! The stilettos come in a range of colors and all really pretty! If you prefer a different color, I’m sure watcher would be happy to help. She customized the color I’m wearing in the pic to match my jacket :D Anyhoo, I decided to complete the look by wearing the pants I grabbed from Zaara and the Milla hair from Novocaine. I would have worn the Atomic LC prize… but let’s face it, I can’t rip my Tuli skin off just yet.

Hope Skin: Avenue in Sunkissed – Tuli
Milla Hair: In Almond – Novocaine
Military Jacket & Shirt: In Teal – Avebury
Stilettos: Customized by watcher Castaignede, In Teal – Avebury
Ishaya Velour slacks: In black – Zaara

I’ll be posting some pictures later of a couple outfits I threw on with Heather Connolly’s (of Fukmi’s Clothing) new creations… SHOES!


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